And why to visit costa rica?



    Tropical country with a great diversity of ecosystems
    Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of plants and animals.
     It is included amoung 20 countries with the highest biodiversity of the world.
•    Over 25% of the area is protected in reserves and national parks.
•    The safest country in Central America.

•    With high levels of hygiene.

•    Reduced risk of tropical diseases.


For whom is this country suited?


•    Especially for nature lovers, birders, surfers, divers,
     white water lovers,  mountain hikers and much more...
•    For those who can withstand the temperature differences
      At sea over 40 °C but in the mountains and volcanoes,
       the temperature can fall to 6 ° C
•    For those who want to experience a tropical paradise,
      but are affraid of many dangers which may occur in many
      tropical countries of Africa and Asia.



What can Costa Rica offer to you?


Beautiful deserted sandy beaches

Active and extinct volcanoes
Natural Hot Springs
Tropical rainforest jungle, misty and tropical
   dry forest
Waterfalls, lakes, lagoons
 Big amount of wild game and birds in the wild
 A wealth of plants and flowers
Extreme sports
  (Rafting, zip lines, surfing, etc.)
• And much more...


What you should count with in Costa Rica


•    Costa Rica is more expensive country then
      most of the Central American countries.
•    It has a very challenging terrain.
•    There are still a lot of roads without an asphalt surface.