let me to introduce myself:

Since childhood I was atracted by distant lands and thanks to 

my love for Native American cultures, most of my trips were

 headed to American continent.

My passion for travelling brought me to choose my career.

Thanks to my work in a travel agency I always could take my

holidays only during the winter season.

Naturally I travelled towards the sun and heat.

Gently, I started to discover Latin America. And then finally,

I found Costa Rica.

This country charmed me by its virgin nature, kind people,

but also by its high level of hygiene, relatively safety and quite

a good social conditions in this country.

In Costa Rica you will rarely see a beggers on streets,

though there are still a lot of really poor people.

After my return to the Czech republic I couln´t rest thinking

how to return soon back to Costa Rica.

I found the posibility to do volunteer work there.

So I left the Czech republic again to spent six months in 

a small costarican National Park as a volunteer.

I took fancy of the life there, that the six planned months

has changed to more then 2 year stay.


This central american country grew to my heart so much

that even though I spent a good part of a last year at home,

in the Czech republic, I have decided to go back again.


So I would like to share with you all my experiences

I have collected during these last tree years.


I invite you to the unforgettable trip to a tropical paradise

and in the same time somewhat back in time,

to the time of dusty roads, oxcarts, impenetrable forests

with countless game and birds, deserted beaches

and unforgettables sunsets.


I believe that Costa Rica will not disappoint any natural lover.


Jana Řezáčová