Volunteering for bed and board - NEW!

Six years ago I came to Costa Rica as volunteer and as I wanted to extend my stay here for several months I was looking for some cheap option of volunteering - I could not afford to pay thousands of dollars for my stay in Costa Rica. And I remember  it was not easy at all to find such a place as for most of projects here you as volunteer you are asked to pay, though you offer them your help, time and skills. But not everybody can afford it. So I have decided to colect some projects where the owners are open to welcome the volunteers and offer them a bed and board in exchange for their work.
So If you are a host who is looking for volunteers to help you in your project or you are volunteer looking for a posibilities to visit Costa Rica, you are welcome to browse these pages and register in our system. I hope you will find what you are looking for.
Volunteering can offer you a completely different way of seeing the country, integrating with local comunity and getting into this original culture and lifestyle.
Come to experience it.


Jana - Costarican Secrets