You can choose from following programs:

1. Volunteering in national parks :

    Your work might involve trail maintainance and cleaning, maintainance of ranger station, camping grounds, painting, barnishing, attending tourists, helping with promotion, translation of documents, helping with environmental education, protection and control, etc...

 2. Volunteering in special animal projects:

   Your work might involve protection and control of the area where some animal live. Most common projects are dedicated to protection of giant sea turtles. It might involve a night patrols when the sea turtle comes to the beach to lay their eggs, to move the eggs to safer spots, measuring and marking of the animals.

   Or there are many Rescue animal centers in Costa Rica, where you can help to save a hurted, abandoned animals such as monkyes, sloths, wild cats, snakes and other animals. This work offen involve cleaning of the cages, feeding the animals, maintainance of the area, etc..

 3. Volunteering in a ecological farms:

   Your work might involve to seed, to weed, to water the plants, to prepare the soil, to care for farm animals (cows, chickens, pigs, etc.). Many ecological farms offers also tourist services - they have trails, they offer guided tours, so you can also help them with it.

 4. Volunteering with local comunities:

   Your work depends mainly on your experiences and knowledge - you can teach languages or offer sport activities, crative works, computer classes, you can help with disabled people, to look after a small children meanwhile their single mothers go to work, you can help to improve the local women situation, and much more - you can bring your own ideas in what you would like to help them.