Do you find travelling exiting?

Do you enjoy discovering other countries personally, using all your five senses?

Do you like challenges?

Would you like to do something meaningful and mentally enriching in the same time?


If you answered yes to these questions, the volunteering programs might be right for you.


  1. It will take you deeply into the very different culture and nature
  2. With your open mind and heart you might find a lot of new friends
  3. You might get to the places hidden to a usual traveler
  4. You might experience absorbing moments you never have dreamt about


But most importantly your insight of the world will be broaden and deepen,

you might learn to respect other peoples opinions and values though they are completely different from yours.


Surely you it will be a rewarding life experience which will change you forever.


In my eyes if every single person in our world spent a six months volunteering in another culture, our world would be much better place – because though we are coming to help others – the biggest change happens inside our minds and hearts.