Contact me:  


•    As I live in Costa Rica most of the time of a year, the best way to contact me is by email or skype.
    In your first mail please inform me about the basic info about your trip:
(when/how long/how many people/which activities you prefer/quality of hotels/rent a car , etc.)
    According your whishes I prepare a rough plan of your stay, and I will send it to you by mail, together with offer of hotels and car rentals.
    After you have studied this rough plan you will send me your coments, if you whish to change something, or if you want extend your stay in some
places or to shorten your stay in another ones, etc...
    After your answer I will finalize the program, and I will send you an invoice for my services (in case of the reservation of the hotels/cars or another services - the prepayment is required by most of the providers).
    When I recieve your payment I will send you the finalized detailed information, including day by day program, travel information, entrance fee and opening hours information of the main attraction of each place you will visit, several options how to spend your free time in each destination. Recomendations, in case you do not reserve accommodation though me - hotel tips, and much more...In case you reserve the accommodation/car or another servise with me, after the prepayment of these services - I will send you vouchers for them.