Costa Rica Vacations

Visit a tropical paradise with me


Costa Rica - a country small in size, but immensely rich in natural beauty.

I invite you to journey with me through the mystical cloud forests, deserted beaches, or climb up volcanic peaks. Come explore deep into to calcareous caves, stand under fabulous waterfalls, and get a chance to witness the animals such as sloth, coati, armadillo, iguana, howler or capuchin and sweet Squirrel monkeys.

If you choose the right season you can see sea turtles, dolphins and whales, thousands of migratory birds in the vast wetlands, hundreds of species of butterflies. Exotic snakes such as boas, rattlesnakes, coral, and many more...


Travel in Costa Rica independently but without worry,

and enjoy a tailor-made vacation just for you!


If you let me organize your trip in Costa Rica, I promise you that you will not miss any of the current attractions. At this moment I am living in the country and I am in contact with many local park rangers and other people, who inform me about the interesting events, so I can promptly respond to the various changes that inevitably occur during a year.

If your dream is to observe whales or to see giant sea turtles, you can be sure that I will schedule your trip  to increase your chances of sighting these animals in a wild to the maximum.

  • Experienced tourism agent and guide with great knowledge of the country and the language
  • 37 years old
  • ten year experience in tourism
  • 5 years living in Costa Rica, and worked as a volunteer and volunteer guide for local national parks.




  •  An organized trip tailored to all of your needs: budget, time available, requirements, and wishes
  •  Reservation and accommodation for airlines, buses, housing, and other services
  •  Guided tours
  •  Opportunities for volunteer stays


Your Costa Rica vacations / Costa Rica holidays / Costa Rica trip / Costa Rica excursions





Photo slide shows of Costarican beaches and nature:



  Costarican Wilderness                     Costarican beaches     












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04/11/2010 14:35
Do you like my pages? If yes, believe me that I am real outsider in this field. I just took advantage of the program I have found on Internet, a program which offers you to create your own pages for free. The program is absolutely easy to use and it allows you to make your pages even without...


18 day trip in raining season

The program which Jana prepared for us was very well done regarding our prefered activities and the raining season, in which we decided to visit Costa Rica. The program included detailed itinerary, details about the transportation (bus times were 100% accurate), list of recommended apartments and...

February trip of Northern and Caribbean part of Costa Rica

Good afternoon,   So we are regrettably back! Everything was great, only it was always cloudy at nights when we were at the volcano, so we couldn´t see the lava flows. But it is not posible to arrange. There were another adventures - we have seen the turtles! The National Park...